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Welcome OM and XYL

Established in 1973, our goal is to improve our knowledge in
electromagnetic communication, make our expertise avaialable to our
community and to encourage and assist others to enter the world of
amateur radio. 
Events and Public Service
Online Radio Course
What is Amateur Radio?
Georgian Bay
People use it to talk across town, around
the world, or even into space, all without
the Internet or cell phones.
We participate in many events including
Summer and Winter Field Day, Ontario
QSO Party, and many more.  Learn more in
our events section.
Want to study for your Basic exam?  What
about Advanced?  We have all the material
you need to pass in no time!

ARES - Amateur Radio Emergeny Service
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We are the best radio club in the entire WORLD!
We support our local group, ARES Grey.  Several club members are also ARES members, including EC - Frank VA3GUF, Jon VE3CIC, Adam VE3IZS and Paul VE3EFQ/ECE